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PRE-TEST at Ankama Office 18/11/2014 [In Progress]

First information (from a french player)

  • Class available for non-subscribers as well as subscribers.
  • Damage and placement class even there are healing spells "everywhere".
  • Spells are passing through portals.
  • 4 portals maximum (per Eliotrope and per team). Summoning 2 per turn.
  • Enemies can use the portals.
  • Damage can be increased *3 if the spells are casted through the portals. Does not work with weapons.
  • Mobs will be able to move through portals (jump).
  • Portals are use to teleport "Yugo style".
  • Possibility to neuter a portal. They are permanent on the map.
  • Summoning a 5th portal will make disappear the first one (4 max by group).
  • The spells have 2 effects each. The second effect is activated if the "portal state" is on (when you're using a portal).

You'll find here all the eliotrope spells from the Beta 2.26: Eliotrope BETA [Spoiler]

Eliotrope Faces


Source: @WOKUSDOFUS @JOL_Dofus @Mr_Fahrell

Eliotrope Spells bar

Eliotrope Spells List

Eliotrope Spell - Portal (summon) 
Eliotrope Spell - Affront (air)
Eliotrope spell - Affliction (water/steal life)
Eliotrope spell - Commotion (earth)
Eliotrope spell - Rayon de Wakfu (Fire)
Eliotrope spell - Neutral (Boost)Eliotrope spell: Neutral
Eliotrope spell - Étirement (Boost)


Eliotrope Gameplay
Eliotrope Gameplay
Eliotrope Gameplay
Eliotrope Gameplay
Eliotrope Gameplay


Eliotrope Class Temple
Eliotrope Class Temple
Eliotrope Class Arrival

First screenshots:
Eliotrope Class set from @WOKUSDOFUS
Eliotrope class set - Hat (Masque Rosmique)

Videos (source: french CCM Xyale)

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