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Eliotrope BETA [Spoiler]

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  • Last Updated: Friday, 05 December 2014 12:00
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First Information [In Progress]

Update 29/11: Adding colors, faces and the official gameplay trailer from dofus website.
Update 03/12: Several spells was changed during the afternoon. Source : French Changelog here.

Changelog 03/12:

  • The Portal state can't be unbewitched.
  • Stupeur: Global recast interval. Can't be casted at the first turn. The range is passing from 1-8 to 1-6.
  • Affliction: Heals targeted allies at the end of their turn if they are in the Portail state.
  • Focus: The max effect cumulation is passing from 2 to 1. Effects: 180% to 250% Power (1 turn), -70 Dodge (1 turn).
  • Parasite: the additional damages at the end of the turn if the target is in the [!]Portail state is passing from 1 to 2 turns duration.
  • Exode: Makes the caster advance 3 cells towards it's target, but makes the caster lose 2 MP for the current turn. Deals Water damage 30-33. Does not require a line of sight. Range: 1-4. AP:4.
  • Étirement: reduces the hp of caster -15% HP to -25%.

Working a the moment on a little video presenting the gameplay and spells
Video Recording

The official Eliotrope Gameplay trailer:

Source: Dofus EN website



Base Mechanisms
Advanced Mechanisms
Bonus from portals

The Spells

Main Spells (5)
Boost & Healing Spells (3)
Air Spells (3)
Earth Spells (3)
Fire Spells (3)
Water Spells (3)




Random Screenshots

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