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Gondawa - Eliotrope BETA [Spoiler]

Fights hard and dies with pride (... mainly dying) ...since April 2008

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First Information [In Progress]

Update 29/11: Adding colors, faces and the official gameplay trailer from dofus website.
Update 03/12: Several spells was changed during the afternoon. Source : French Changelog here.

Changelog 03/12:

  • The Portal state can't be unbewitched.
  • Stupeur: Global recast interval. Can't be casted at the first turn. The range is passing from 1-8 to 1-6.
  • Affliction: Heals targeted allies at the end of their turn if they are in the Portail state.
  • Focus: The max effect cumulation is passing from 2 to 1. Effects: 180% to 250% Power (1 turn), -70 Dodge (1 turn).
  • Parasite: the additional damages at the end of the turn if the target is in the [!]Portail state is passing from 1 to 2 turns duration.
  • Exode: Makes the caster advance 3 cells towards it's target, but makes the caster lose 2 MP for the current turn. Deals Water damage 30-33. Does not require a line of sight. Range: 1-4. AP:4.
  • Étirement: reduces the hp of caster -15% HP to -25%.

Working a the moment on a little video presenting the gameplay and spells
Video Recording

The official Eliotrope Gameplay trailer:

Source: Dofus EN website



Base Mechanisms
Advanced Mechanisms
Bonus from portals

The Spells

Main Spells (5)
Boost & Healing Spells (3)
Air Spells (3)
Earth Spells (3)
Fire Spells (3)
Water Spells (3)




Random Screenshots


  • Class available for non-subscribers as well as subscribers.
  • Damage and placement class even there are healing spells "everywhere".
  • Spells are passing through portals.
  • 4 portals maximum (per Eliotrope and per team). Summoning 2 per turn.
  • Enemies can use the portals (yep, it's fun, I tested it).
  • Damage can be increased *3 if the spells are casted through the portals. Does not work with weapons.
  • Mobs will be able to move through portals (jump).
  • Portals are use to teleport "Yugo style" (this is cool stuff!).
  • Possibility to neuter a portal. They are permanent on the map. Casting the Neutral spell.
  • Summoning a 5th portal will make disappear the first one (4 max by group).
  • The spells have 2 effects each. The second effect is activated if the "portal state" is on (when you're using a portal).

To begin, we translate information from the french JOL article written by Deynis during the Playtest at Ankama office.  


Class roles:

This placement is based on the mechanism of portals. However, the Eliotrope has few placement spells, so he has to count on his allies to place the enemies in the portal.

Eliotrope has several offensive spells, which will make him effective in all four elements in short to average range. Additionally, his and his allies damage can be increased up to *3 by using the portals.

The healing is present on several spells, but for most of them it’s neccessary to have the Portal state in order for the spells to heal: That means healing would work best as a secondary role for the Eliotrope, since the healing spells aren’t always easy to use.

The Mechanisms

This point will be divided in three parts:

  • The base mechanisms
  • The more advanced mechanisms
  • The small bonuses

The base mechanisms

The portal systems allows several things to pass through the portals. It can be characters, summons (static or not), monsters or enemies.

There’s a system of vectors in the Eliotropes gameplay, a system that connects the portals.

The Eliotrope can have 4 portals on the map at once. These portals can be in one of two states: Active or Neutral.

The “web” that connects the portals when three portals on the map works in a way so that going in to one of them will make you exit through another. The method is derminative, which means it’s a set place you’ll exit, it’s not random. To see which one you’ll arrive at, you can roll over the portal you’re interested in going through.

The way this works is this: It’s not determined by in what order you put it in, but rather by proximity between portals. The signal will choose the closest portal when it is choosing where to go. A signal can only go through a portal once, so if you have three portals close to each other nearby and one far away and go through one of the ones close, you will arrive at the one far away.

The order the portals are created doesn't matter to where the spell/character will go when passing through it (you can see the order on the screen below)
Casting order of Portals
It will always try to go to the closest one available.
Passing through portals
If a character enters a portal, both the entrance portal and the exit portal will be deactivated.
Desactivated portal
If you are standing on a portal it will be deactivated for the entire time you’re on it. When you move again it will be activated once more.

The deactivated state of the portal lasts until the end of the character’s turn. This means that all portals deactivated by on character will be active once more once that’s character finishes his turn. This means that even your summons can enjoy a full number of portals to play with. The only exception from this is if there are someone standing on the portal or if the portal is deactivated by the Eliotrope’s spell Neutral.

The portals can’t be moved, not by the Eliotrope itself or by anyone else. If the Eliotrope casts a 5th portal however, it will replace the first one. 

It’s important to note that even if you have more than one Eliotrope in your team, you can only have 4 portals out on the map per team. But, the portals on each team work together: you can use each others portals. If an Eliotrope dies, only his portals will disappear.
The portals are indestructible and can not be remove unless by the Eliotrope’s death.

If there are Eliotropes on each side of the fight, there can be 8 portals in the fight at once. The portals of enemy portals will NOT work together/interfere with your own portals.

Advanced mechanisms

It’s not only “living” things that can go through the portal, spells can too. This is where the VECTOR SYSTEM comes in.

Portals takes into account how far away from the portal you are when you cast the spell, but also the direction the spell is cast in.

Spells entering the portals works like other things entering them does: The path from enter to exit is determined by the same pattern. But there are no limits to how many spells can pass through a portal: No matter how many spells you cast through, the portal will still be active.

Here is a single target spell cast through a portal:
Single target spell through a net of portals
There has been a lot of talk about vectors. This is what we mean by it in this context:

Meaning: If you cast a spell in a portal to your left (from right to left) the spell will exit the final portal to the left as well (from right to left).

The distance from the portal the moment you cast the spell will be the same as the distance from the final portal to the place the spell will hit. This means that if you are two cells away from the portal when you cast the spell, your spell will reach out two cells from the exit portal.

If this cell isn’t a possible target (tree on the map, black space) or if there’s something between the exit portal and the target (assuming the spell needs line of sight), you will not be able to cast the spell. All class spells, Eliotrope or other classes, can be cast through the portal. To do this, it’s required that you target the portal when you cast the spell: If you hit it with a spell with area of effect but doesn’t use the portal as the target, just in the aoe, the damage will not go through the portal.

Here is what happens when a spell with area of effect is cast through portals:
Spell with area through several portals

Vector and diagonals

Here some examples of the way spells are working when casted diagonally:
Diagonal Projection 1
Diagonal Projection 2

The bonus from using portals

When someone passes through a portal, it will enter the Portal state.

This state can be used by an Eliotrope to utilize the special effects on some of it’s spells, like healing, pushing and so on.
Spells going through portals can get a multiplier up to 3. How big this multiplayer is depends on how many portals the spell travels through, the distance between the portals and the distance you have from the portal.

Similar, but yet unknown how, heals will also be affected by going through portals.

The AI of monsters will be updated so they take full advantage of the portals, probably more than you will yourself before you get used to it.


Main Spells (5)

Portail: Places a portal. When several portals are on the map, you will be able to teleport and use spells through them. The damage of spells will be increased by hitting through the portals.
Level 1
Eliotrope spell: Portail

Neutral: Disables a targeted portal for 1 turn.
Level 9
Eliotrope spell: Neutral

Distribution: When the target is attacked with spells, it will cause splash damage in an area of effect around the target. If the target is in the Portail state, the area will increase.
Level 26
Eliotrope spell: Distribution

Stupeur: Sets a trap that summons a portal when activated.
Level 31
The "trap" portal
Eliotrope spell: Stupeur

Odyssée: Makes the caster move one cell in the opposite direction of the target and attracts the target one cell towards the caster.
Level 54
Eliotrope spell: Odyssée

Boost & Healing Spells (3)

Focus: The target receives the power bonus and the dodge penalty when it steps through a portal.
Level 0, class spell from dopples.
Eliotrope spell: Focus

Cicatrisation: Heals 10% (12% on a critical hit) in a 2 cell circle around the target. 0-2 range, one cast per turn.
Level 42
Eliotrope spell: Cicatrisation

Entraide: For one turn, the caster will heal in an area around him each time an ally uses a portal. The caster receives +1 AP each time an enemy uses a portal.
Level 100
Eliotrope spell: Entraide

Étirement: reduces the hp of caster (-15% HP), but increases the range of target by 3 for 1 turn. Increases the range of Portail spell with 3 for 1 turn.
Level 17
Eliotrope spell: Étirement

Air Spells (3)

Affront: deals AIR damage to enemies. Heals allies if they are in [!]Portail state.
Level 1
Eliotrope spell: Affront

Brimade: Deals AIR damage and pushes back two cells.
Level 36
Eliotrope spell: Brimade

Raillerie: Deals AIR damage. Removes MP when the target is in the Portail state. This effect stacks one time.
Level 90
Eliotrope spell: Raillerie

Earth Spells (3)

Camouflet: Deals EARTH damage to enemies. Removes one turn of bewitchments for targets in the Portail state.
Level 60
Eliotrope spell: Camouflet

Commotion: Deals EARTH damage to enemies in a 1 cell cross. Attracts targets to the middle cell of the cross.
Level 3
Eliotrope spell: Commotion

Thérapie: Deals EARTH damage to enemies. Heals allies if they are in the Portail state.
Level 21
Eliotrope spell: Thérapie

Fire Spells (3)

Offense: Deals FIRE damage to enemies.
Level 13
Eliotrope spell: Offense

Parasite: deals FIRE damage. Deals additional damage at the end of the turn if the target is in the [!]Portail state. This effect only stacks once.
Level 80
Eliotrope spell: Parasite

Rayon de Wakfu: Deals FIRE damage to enemies. Heals allies in the Portail state. 3 cell line Area of Effect.
Level 6
Eliotrope spell: Rayon de Wakfu

Water Spells (3)

Exode: Deals WATER damage. Makes the caster advance 3 cells towards it's target, but makes the caster lose 2 MP for the current turn.
Level 60
Eliotrope spell: Exode

Affliction: deals WATER damage. Heals targeted allies at the start of their turn if they are in the Portail state.
Level 1
Eliotrope spell: Affliction

Poing fulgurant: Deals WATER damage to enemies. Pushes the target if it's in the Portail state.
Level 48
Eliotrope spell: Poing fulgurant

Summoning of Eliotrope dopple: Summons an Eliotrope dopple.
Level 200
Eliotrope dopple
Eliotrope spell: Dopple

Spells cast by the dopple: Offense, Poing Fulgurant, Raillerie



The color slots for the female Eliotrope:
Eliotrope: Colors Female
The color slots for the male Eliotrope:
Eliotrope: Colors Male


The Eliotrope's faces Female:
Eliotrope F faces

The Eliotrope's faces Male:
Eliotrope F faces

Random Images

Eliotrope Faces Here we are!

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