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Achievement: The Flow of Time

Quest #04: Temporal Anomalies

Quest #04: Temporal Anomalies

Corporal Tart at [1,6] needs your help, he's standing inside the building, first Xelorium area, Goneways (Past). You must meet Agent Nick Utter and come to his aid when needed..


Level 100.


01Talk to Agent Nick Utter at [2,5].

  • Volunteer for a mission.
  • Accept the mission.

02 Defend Agent Nick Utter and then speak to him again. 
You can choose to get help in this fight.
In this case you will have to choose the answer Call for reinforcements.
Defend Agent Nick Utter

  • Ask if he's getting on alright with the spatio-temporal stabilizer.
  • Defend Agent Nick Utter from the numerous Xelomorphs.
  • Express your concern over their state.

03Find the map: Find the beings from the past at [2,7].

04 Find a way to get rid of Past Grozilla.
You'll just need to talk to him.

  • Observe the monster.

05 Create a giant soap.
Move to the Outpost.
Continue to the left inside the outpost. In the last room (the room after the room where you craft the clocks), you'll find the Voyager's Workshop.
Here you can craft the Giant Soap Bar.
The recipe for the soap: 1 Demonic Rose Petal, 1 Wild Sunflower Oil, 1 Kokokonut
Giant Soap Bar

06 Place the giant soap in past Grozilla's path.
Move to a slot beside Grozilla and talk to him.
Place the giant soap in past Grozilla's path

  • Use the giant bar of soap.

07Find the map: Find the beings from the past at [4,5]

08 Find a way to get rid of Prymeval.
Just talk to him.

  • Place the bracelet.

09 Gather herbs far from Prymeval.
You'll find the Gonebyway Grass on the map up at [4,4].
Gather herbs far from Prymeval

10 Place the herbs on a tree.
Move down to the Prymeval map and click on the tree on your right.
Place the herbs on a tree

11 Bring Prymeval to the tree.
Stand close the tree and talk to Prymeval.

  • Attrack the monsters attention to the plants.

12 Send Prymeval back to his time
Move beside Prymeval and talk to him
Send Prymeval back to his time

  • Take advantage of the moment to put the bracelet around a limb.

13Talk to Agent Nick Utter at [2, 5].

  • Ask for other bracelets.

14Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6] in the Outpost.

  • Announce the mission's success.

Quest #05: It's Your Destiny

Quest #05: Its Your Destiny

Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] has asked you to bring him eggs.


Level 100.


01 Take 5 Paxtim Eggs to Doc Ettem Bworn.
You'll find it in the Gonebyways area.
Collect eggs
The positions the eggs are at:  [1,7], [2,5], [3,6], [5,5], [0,8], [3,5], [4,4] and [5,6]
Paxtim Eggs positions
When you've gathered 5 Paxtim Eggs, talk to Doc Ettem Bworn again.
Paxtim Eggs from Inventory

  •  Hand over the Paxtim eggs.

Quest #06: Return to the Present

Quest #06: Return to the Present

You've accepted to help Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] to bring back the Voyagers lost in time


Level 100
Quest #05: Its Your Destiny done.


01 Talk to Doctor Hoo at [20,25]. He's standing in the Sufokia Library.
Take the Sufokia zaap and choose the Temple Way Quay zaapi will be the faster way to arrive.

  • Explain Doc Ettem Bworn's request.

02 Talk to Gizmond Quelyn at [-22,-24].
He's in the Dimensional Voyager's Tower.

  • Ask for the spare parts Doc Ettem Bworn ordered.

03 Take 1 Bag of Spare Parts to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
You'll have to go back to the Xelorium dimension for this step.

  • Hand over the bag of spare parts.

04 Take 10 Fragment of a Xelomorph's Memory to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
The drop is 100% on the mobs from Gonebyways area.
Fragment of a Xelomorph's Memory

05 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] to finish this quest.

  • Hand over the memory fragments.

Quest #07: Time Prisoners [Fraktal]

Quest #07: Time Prisoners

Despite the failure of the preceding mission, Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] hasn't had his last word.


Level 100.
Quest #06: Return to the Present done.
Quest #04: Temporal Anomalies done.


01 Talk to Museum Guardian at [3,1].
She's in the Present Day.
For easy access to the map she's on, leave the Voyager Outpost and move 2 maps on your right. You'll then be at [3,6]. Use the "Future" Clock and enter the building.

  • Explain the problem of the Voyagers stuck in other times.
  • Thank her, marvelling at the fact such a powerful sword such a ridiculous name.

02 Find the map: Temple of Time at [4,2].
Stay in the Present Day, leave the building, go down one map and then move one map to the right.

03Get the Legendary Blade at [4,2].
Enter the building and click on the altar.
Click there

04 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
Leave the building and use your "Past" Clock. Move to the left map, go up one map and again to the left until the Outpost.

  • Show the Blade of Legend.

05 Defeat 1 Fraktal in a single fight.

It's the boss of the first dungeon of Xelorium dimension. You'll find more info about it here.

06 Find the map: Fraktal's Megalith - Exit.
You'll just need to beat the boss. Do NOT leave the dungeon.

07 Use the portable detector. You'll have to choose Use from your inventory.
Be careful, you'll have to do it BEFORE leaving the dungeon for this step.
Portable detector

08 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].

  • Hand over the spatio-temporel detector.