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Achievement: Carpe Diem

Quest #08: Colour Thieves

Quest #08: Colour Thieves

Colonel O'Whel at [-22,-24] has asked you to do some Altdemon hunting in order to take back what they stole from the Voyagers. If you have trouble distinguishing colours, jump right in: something will come of it..


Level 150
Enjoy Your Trip done or in progress.


01Take 4 Orange Krosmorb to Corporal Tart at [1,6].
You'll drop it from Twentoo in the present day. (30% droprate)

02Take 4 Green Krosmorb to Corporal Tart at [1,6].
You'll drop it from Sethen in the present day. (30% droprate)

03Take 4 Crimson Krosmorb to Corporal Tart at [1,6].
You'll drop it from Thriten in the present day. (30% droprate)

Quest #09: Terminutor: Machine Judgement

Quest #09: Terminutor: machine judgement

Gladis at [-22,-24] have a mission for you. The final battle against the Terminutor will not be fought in the future. It will be fought here, in our present..


Level 150
Enjoy Your Trip done.
The Entrance to Enurado done.


01 Find the Terminutor at [4,0].
Terminutor can be found in the Present day in Xelorium.

02 Defeat x1 Terminutor in a single fight at [4,0].
At average range he'll hit around 1500. He'll cast Altalavista [!] every 5 turns, boosting his resistances, mp and damages. When this spell is active he'll hit up to 2200. In this fight you can bring a team, and doing that will make this fight a lot easier. It's recommended to keep the Terminutor at range so he's not able to hit as his spells have medium range. If you're unable to keep him far away at all times, defensive/healing characters could be used instead.

03 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].
At the Xelorium Outpost.

Quest #10: Noon demons

Quest #10: Noon demons

Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] wants to know more about the Altdemons who haunt the present day. Knowing your sense of diplomacy, he's asked you to go interview a few of them. .


Level 150.
Quest #07: Time Prisoners done.


01Interrogate a Sethen Altdemon. You'll find Perceptive Sethen at [1,2].
You can fight the monster here, but it's not required for the quest to update.

02Interrogate a Thriten Altdemon. You'll find Grumpy Thriten at [2,1].
You can fight the monster here, but it's not required for the quest to update.

03Interrogate a Twentoo Altdemon. You'll find Affable Twentoo at [3,2].
You can fight the monster here, but it's not required for the quest to update.

04Interrogate a Thirtree Altdemon.You'll find Inactive Thirtree at [6,1].
You can fight the monster here, but it's not required for the quest to update.

05Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].

Quest #11: The Origins of Evil

Quest #11: The Origins of Evil

Always wanting to learn more about Altdemons, the Doc at [1,6] has sent you to take a little tour of the Museum. What a change from the taverns and other sordid places you normally frequent.


Level 150
Quest #10: Noon demons done


01Talk to Museum Guardian at [3,1].
 From outside the outpost, use the "Future" clock to go to the Present. Then move two maps to the right.
Read the Compendium in the Museum.
When you click on the book you'll be attacked by a group of Altdemons.

02 Talk to Doc Ettern Bworn at [1,6].

03 Find the place mentioned in the Compendium at [3,6].
Go behind the waterfall below.

04 Examine the temporal rip.

05 Talk to Timid Twentoo.
Talk to the NPC to start the fight.

06 Talk to Doc Ettern Bworn at [1,6].

Quest #12: Thread the Needle

Quest #12: Thread the Needle

Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] needs your help. Besides the Guardians of Xelorium, only one person can repair the temporal rip which has allowed Altdemons to invade the private domain of the Great Timekeeper: Henual, the Overseer of Time. You just have to convince him to help.


Level 150.
Quest #11: The Origins of Evil done.


01 Find the Overseer of Time.
Start by going to Amakna at [2,1].
Enter the building then click on mobile to open a passage.
Click on mobile
You will need 6 more characters for getting to Henual.

02 Talk to Henual.

03Take 1 Dimensional Fabric to Henual.
You can purchase one from Kyper the Collector at the Hall of Voyagers at the Dimensional Voyagers' Tower at [-22,-24]
You can purchase 1 Dimensional Fabric from Kyper the Collector

04Recover Ephemulberry Leaves.
You can collect the leaves at [3,1] by clicking the bush indicated below.

05Take 4 Silk of Time Thread to Henual.
You'll find the Silkworms of Time inside Xelorium, on these maps: [1,1], [2,2], [3,1] and [4,1].
A fight can start at random.
Henual followed you in Xelorium and is waiting for you at [3,6] in the secret room behind the waterfall.

06Fight the Altdemons wave.
The fight is in 3 waves :
Wave 1 :
- Curious Sethen
Wave 2 :
- Curious Sethen
- Invasive Thriten
Wave 3 :
- Invasive Thriten
- Nosy Thirtree

07 Talk to [!]Karandeux.

08 Talk to Henual.

09 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].

Quest #13: Life, the Outer World, and the Rest [XLII]

Quest #13: Life, the Outer World, and the Rest

Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] needs your help. How have XLII and his Altdemons managed to get into Xelorium despite Henual's intervention? Best to gently pose the question to the chief of the invaders... ok, maybe not so gently.


Quest #12: Thread the Needle done.


01Talk to Metronomicon Guardian at [7,-2].
 This is the map the dungeons are on. To find the map, visit this article: Access to the Xelorium Dungeons

02 Defeat 1 x XLII in a single fight.

This is the boss of the Present day area dungeon.

03 Talk to XLII.
This will be after you've beat him.

04 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].

Quest #14: Spatiotemporal Faults

Quest #14: Spatiotemporal Faults

Corporal Tart at [1,6] needs your help. You must assure that Agent Valerian doesn't have trouble with Altdemons.


Level 150.
Quest #04: Temporal Anomalies done.


01Talk to Agent Valerian at [2,0].

  • Express your concern over Agent Doredeen's absence.

02Defend Agent Valerian and then speak to him again.
You'll need some help for this fight.

03Find Agent Doredeen in the Present Day.
This NPC is changing place depending of the hours:
Between midnight and and 5h59 at [4,-1].
Between 6h00 and 11h59: at [5,0].
Between 12h00 and 17h59 : at [6,1].
Between 18h00 and 23h59 : at [0,3].
However, once you've found her she'll not change her location anymore.

  • Talk about the strange items which Valerian referred to.
  • Ask how to do that.

04Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
Ask him for a Toolbox.
Doc's Toolbox

  • Ask for a toolbox.
  • Specify that Agent Doredeen needs it for the progression of science.

05Bring 7 different damaged technomagic pieces to Agent Doredeen.
You'll find a piece fighting each kind of the Altdemons (dungeon one not included).
You'll find the 3 other pieces at the following positions:
[4,2]: Click on the buried hourglass.
[6,-1]: Click on the buried cog.
[3,0]: Click on the buried cog.

06 Take 1 Doc's Toolbox to Agent Doredeen.
Agent Doredeen will be at the same place where you met her the first time.

07 Talk to Agent Doredeen.

08 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].