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Achievement: Well of the Wisp

Quest #18: Just an Illusion

Quest #18: Just an Illusion

A new mission of Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6]. Be careful not to lose your disguise if you want to stay in Doctor Lebb's good graces. Worse come to worst, Vertime the Collector can always sell you another eidolonic veil in exchange for orichor..


Level 180.
Quest #13: Life, the Outer World, and the Rest done.


01 Get beat up by a Fugitive to go and see Dr. Lebb.
Move to [4,-3] and use the Eidolonic Veil given to you by Doc Ettem Bworn.
Talk to the guard and pretend you were sent by Vortex.

02 Talk to Doctor William Lebb.

03Bring 5 Tomorroots to Doctor Lebb.
You'll find the tomorroots on this maps: [5,-5], [5,-4], [2,-5], [1,-4], [1,-3]
The tomorroots harvested, bring them to Doctor Lebb.

04 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn.

Quest #19: Crystal Nutball

Quest #19: Crystal Nutball

After harvesting the roots, you've been engaged for a mission by Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] a bit more physical: a dangerous Fugitive is running rampant south of the Uncertain Future. Show him that the Voyagers aren't the kind to just stand around.


Level 180.
Quest #18: Just an Illusion done.


01Defeat 1 Enraged Fugitive in a single fight at [3,-3].
You can bring a team to this fight.

02Take 1 Empty Crystal Flask to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].

03Disguise yourself as a Hystairkal and go back to see Doctor Lebb at [4,-3].
Use the Hystairkal Eidolonic Veil from your inventory.
You'll have to pick the correct answers to continue the quest.
These answers are:

  • Respond that Ickyrus possessed uncommon vitality
  • Add that he had a particularly hypnotic look..

04Take 1 Full Crystal Flask to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6]

Quest #20: The Crazy 12 Army

Quest #20: The Crazy 12 Army

Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] will give you this new quest. The Fugitives are going to launch a suicide attack against the Voyager Outpost. If there's one person crazy, errr... competent enough to put them away, it's you!


Level 150.
Quest #19: Crystal Nutball done.


01 Talk to Corporal Tart.

02 Talk to Agent Coal at [7,-7].
This is in the Future, on the map of the dungeon.

03 Neutralize the Apathetic Fugitive at [6,-4]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight by choosing the right answers:

  • Ask what's wrong.
  • Offer to wake him up just before the attack.
  • Say that you often team up with a Sadida.

04 Neutralize the Maniacal Fugitive at [1,-3].
Mandatory fight.

05 Neutralize the Dofusophobic Fugitive at [0,-5]Optional fight.
Equip a Dofus and you'll be able to avoid the fight choising the right answers:

  • Wave a Dofus under his nose.

06 Neutralize the Suicidal Fugitive at [4,-4]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight choising the right answers:

  • Say that life is worth living.
  • Respond that he could also contemplate the beauty of the world around him.

07 Neutralize the Anxious Fugitive at [2,-5]. Optional fight.
See next step for how to avoid this fight

08 Neutralize the Paranoid Fugitive at [2,-5]. Optional fight.
Talk to Paranoid Fugitive and choose properly your answers to avoid the fights with Anxious Fugitive and Paranoid Fugitive.

  • Deny it fiercely.
  • Say that you've come on behalf of Vortex.

09 Neutralize the Claustrophobic Fugitive at [4,-6]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight choising the right answers:

  • Remark that the Outpost is a closed place.
  • Say that the cavern's walls don't let any light through at all.

10 Neutralize the Xelomorphobic Fugitive at [5,-5]Optional fight.
Equip a Blokus pet or a Elfacet Illusion (Elfacet Eidolonic Veil is available at [1,6], Vertime the Collector can sell you eidolonic veil in exchange for 1 orichor) and choose properly the answers to avoid the fight:

  • Shake your pixels to make him run away (if you're looking like an Elfacet). (or)
  • Say that a Xelomorph is following you (if you have a Blokus equiped).

11 Neutralize the Hypochondriac Fugitive at [3,-3]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight if you're talking to the npc with one of the following sickness: Nausea, Yellowish Bite, Gambler's Fever, Greedoburg Fever, McSheth,
Mixomawose, Maloria, Rabies, The Sarapox, The Lurgi or  [!]filtoungastro.

  • Come closer.

12 Neutralize the Psycophath Fugitive at [0,-2].
Mandatory fight

13 Neutralize the Arachnophobic Fugitive at [2, -4]Optional fight.
You must equip a Tarzantula pet, a Hairy Arachelmet / Arachelmet or do it with the Quest #05: It's Your Destiny and choose the correct answers to avoid the fight:

  • Tell him that there's an invisible Paxtim just behind him (quest). or
  • Say that an Araknee is following you (Hairy Arachelmet). or
  • Adjust the arachelmet on your head (Arachelmet).

14 Neutralize the Erotomaniac Fugitive at [3,-5].
Mandatory fight.

15 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].

Quest #21: Truth at Bottom [Vortex]

Quest #21: Truth at Bottom

 Doc Ettern Bworn at [1,6] has made some discoveries about Doctor Lebb, and Doctor B'boing has some revelations for you... There's a lot of doctors in this story, aren't there?.


Quest #20: The Crazy 12 Army done.


01 Talk to Doctor B'boing's Krosmoglob.

02 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn.

03 Talk to Tessie Hood at [7,-7]
This is the map of the dungeon in the Future area.

04 Defeat 1 x Vortex in a single fight.
Enter the dungeon, beat the boss.

05 Talk to Vortex.
After the boss is defeated you have to talk to him

06 Jump in the Well of Souls.

07 Talk to God Xelor.

08 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn.

Quest #22: The Sands of Time [Vortex]

Quest #22: The Sands of Time

Talk to Kinsharamyn at [1,6] to start this quest. The Fugitives are preparing to eliminate the Dimensional Voyagers and you must stop them.


Level 180.
Quest #17: All You Need Is Kill done.


01 Talk to Farah Minuz.

02 Infiltrate a Fugitive building at [4,-4].
Talk to Crushmore Guard.

03 Find a way to get rid of the guards.
Talk to Farah Minuz.

04 Find the map: Dagger of Time room.
Click on the door behind the guards to enter.

05Find the Dagger of Time.
Click on the lightening stone in the center of the room.

06 Talk to Crushmore Guard.

07 Talk to Kinsharamyn at [1,6].

08 Talk to Elvis Irr at [1,6].

09 Shake the Voyagers.
Leave the outpost.

10Find a hideout at [3,6].
Click on the stone below.

11 Wait for the end of the confrontation.
Talk to Voyaging Tracker, then to Hystairkal Chief.

12 Find the map: Museum Entrance at [3,1].

13 Find the map: Future Entrance at [3,-4].

14 Find the map: Eye of Vortex Entrance at [7,-7].

15 Find the map: Eye of Vortex - Exit.
You will have to finish the dungeon for this step.

16 Listen to the Fugitives' report.
Talk to Vortex, and then to Hystairkal Chief.

17 Talk to Elvis Irr.
Talk to Vortex, and then to Hystairkal Chief.

18 Defeat 1 Elvis Irr in a single fight.

19 Talk to Elvis Irr.

20 Talk to Kinsharamyn at [1,6].