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Achievement: Lost Moments

Quest #23: Temporal Rips

Quest #23: Temporal Rips

Corporal Tart at [1,6] needs you. Sergeant Zetroc needs reinforcements against the Fugitives.


Level 180.
Quest #14: Spatiotemporal Faults done.


01 Talk to Sergeant Zetroc at [4,-5].

02Fight beside Sergeant Zetroc and then speak to him again.
You can bring more characters to help you with this fight.

03 Talk to Museum Guardian at [3,1].

04Recover a Wood Crystal in the Uncertain Future at [3,-3].
You will find it it in a three in the top right of the map.

05Recover a Temporal Flame in the Uncertain Future at [0,-5].
You will find it at the foot of the tree on the right.

06Take 1 Wood Crystal to Museum Guardian at [3,1].

07 Take 1 Temporal Flame to Museum Guardian at [3,1].

08 Track the creatures from other times.
Move in the right subarea (specified in the requirements) and then use Tracker of Creatures from Other Times that the Museum Guardian gaves you previously.

09 Find the map: Track the creatures from other times at [2,1].

10 Track the creatures from other times.
Move again in the right subarea (check the requirements) and use again the Tracker of Creatures from Other Times.

11 Find the map: Track the creatures from other times at [2,1].

12 Send the creatures from other times back to their time.
You'll have to do a fight in 3 waves.
You will (most likely) need help for this fight, all the monsters are 200 or higher.
Wave 1: Snowdew, Mecanofoux, Harrogant, Verglasseur
Wave 2 : Bartyclank, Bashillus, Cycloid, Feca Dopple
Wave 3 : Gwand Wabbit CM, Schanker, Bichephalous Amionite, Lenald

13 Talk to Sergeant Zetroc at [4,-5].

14 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].

Quest #24: Futures Past

Quest #24: Futures Past

Lieutenant Braylle at [1,6] asks your help. You're investigating the explosion that nearly razed the Voyagers' outpost.


Level 180.
Quest #14: Spatiotemporal Faults done.


01Take 1 [!] Traces of explosives to Doc Ettern Bworn.

02 Talk to Corporal Tart.

03 Interrogate the agents around the warehouse.
Talk to Security Agent.

04 Continue to interrogate the agents.
Talk to Agent Pascal.

05 Interrogate other agents.
Talk to Agent Daniels.

06 Talk to Rachelle Kiki in the Kitchens' outpost.

07 Take 1 Khronobourg to Agent Daniels.

08Direct Agent Daniels to Doc Ettem Bworn.

09 Talk to Agent Daniels.

10Keep the Fugitives from kidnapping Doc Ettem Bworn. Talk to Vindictive Fugitive to start the fight.
You'll (most likely) need help against these 8 mobs as they are at a very high level.

11 Talk to Fugitive Prisoner.

12 Talk to Agent Daniels.

13 Talk to Corporal Tart.

Quest #25: Time War

Quest #25: Time War

Hibuspokus at [1,6] is giving you this new mission. You must investigate the attack of a group of Archiduks.


Quest #24: Futures Past done.


01 Talk to Archiduk Nukem.

02 Investigate the site of the attack at [4,1].
Talk to [!]Seith Daise.

03 Talk to Agent Doredeen.

04 Talk to Agent Daniels.

05 Talk to [!]Seith Daise.

06 Find the map Altdemon attacker's lair at [0,0].

07 Talk to Thirtree Atosix at [0,0].

08 Talk to Agent Daniels.

09 Talk to Thirtree Atosix.

10Escort Clairvoyant Twentoo in the Uncertain Future at [3,-4].

11 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

12Escort Clairvoyant Twentoo in the Uncertain Future at [5,-5].

13 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

14Defend Clairvoyant Twentoo from a pair of Fugitives.
Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo after the fight.

15Escort Clairvoyant Twentoo to the Voyagers' Outpost.

16 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

17Accompany Clairvoyant Twentoo to Hibuspokus.

18 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

19Accompany Clairvoyant Twentoo to Thirtree Atosix.

20 Talk to Thirtree Atosix at [0,0].

Quest #26: The Godelphic Expance

Quest #26: The Godelphic Expance

Silikargn at [4,-4] will give you this new quest. The Fugitives have insisted that you meet someone important.


Level 180.
Quest #25: Time War done.


01 Find the map: Silikargn's Lair at [4,1].
Talk to Silikargn.

02 Talk to Future Wrongdoer at [5,-2].

03 Take the materials.
Click the Bag of Materials that appeared next to Silikargn.

04 Talk to Agent Daniels at [1,6].

05 Take 1 Bag of Materials to Doc Ettem Bworn.

06 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn.
You'll recieve a Cube Detector.

07Find the map: [2,6], [4,4], [3,2], [5,0], [1,-4] and [5,-5].
Go to the maps in this order and use the Cube Detector on each of the maps. The order you visit the maps has to be identical to this one.

08 Take 1 Cube Detector to Doc Ettem Bworn.

09 Create a time explosive and use it in the Uncertain Future at [4,-6].
Move to the Outpost workshop and create the explosive. Move back to [4,-6].
You will be given a list of different temporal explosives. Pay attention so you choose the correct explosive that you want to craft.
If you don't choose correctly, you'll be kick from Xelorium.

10 Create a time explosive and use it in the Uncertain Future at [4,-5].

11Create a time explosive and use it in the Uncertain Future at [5,-4].

12Defeat the Xelomorphs Guardians and activate the detonator.
You are able to bring other characters to help for this fight.

13 Talk to Agent Daniels at [1,6].

Quest #27: Visitors from the Future

Quest #27: Visitors from the Future

You've accepted to help Florin at [4,-6] fled his friend Hael.


Level 180.


01 Look for signs of Hael's passage.
Depending on the hour, the signs will be at different positions:
Between midnight and 07:59: [2,-5]
Between 08:00 and 15:59: [5,-5]
Between 16:00 and 00:00: [5,-4]

02 Look for signs of Hael's passage.
Talk to the Injured Fugitive at [1,-5].

  • Talk more about the Chafers.
  • Ask if he's been someone matching Hael's description.

03 Talk to Florin.

  • Talk about the altercation with the Chafers.

04 Look for signs of Hael's passage.
Click on the plant at [2,-5].
Signs of Hael's passage

05Take 1 Strange Figurine to Florin.
Strange figurine

  • Show the figurine.

06Find the map: Present at [2,2].

07Defeat 8 Zombified Chafer in a single fight.
Speak with one of chafers to start the fight.
You can bring other chars to help you with this fight.
Map Fight

  • Attack the zombified Chafers.

08 Talk to Hael.

  • Ask where he was.

09 Talk to Florin.

  • Ask about the return to their time.

10 Talk to Time Brigadier.

  • Don't try to be more clever.
  • Deny it.
  • Deny it.
  • Deny it.
  • Protest the injustice.

11 Talk to Pret Fnut.

  • Demand an explanation.
  • Force a laugh.

Quest #28: Tomorrow Never Dies

Quest #28: Tomorrow Never Dies

You must catch the time toad before it swallows Agent Da's report at [3,-4].


Level 180.
Quest #15: What's Your 06? done.


01Talk to Time Toad.

02Find the map: Uncertain Future at [2,-5].

03Talk to Time Toad.

04Defeat 1 x Time Toad in a single fight.
You'll be transformed into a toad. During the fight you will only have 3 rogue spells available.
To win, you have to survive 20 turns.

05 Talk to Time Toad.

06 Find the map: Present Day at [4,1].

07Talk to Time Toad.

08 Keep the Altdemons from devouring the time toad.
You'll be transformed into a Coney with two summoning spells, one spell to destroy a summon and a spell to push Enamoured Thriten.
Enamoured Thriten will be your ally in this fight.
Tips for this fight:
Try to kill the Thirtree first and make Enamoured Thriten surrounded by enemies (but no more than one Thirtree, or Enamoured Thriten will stop playing).

09 Find the map: Gonebyways at [6,6].

10Talk to Time Toad
For this 3rd fight, you will fight against the Time Toad
You will have to kill him for the quest to continue.
You will again have different spells at your disposal: glyphs, restraint spells and direct damage spells.
Tips for the fight:
Try to lock the Time Toad and hit him as much as possible. Be careful, one of your damage spell will injure yourself at the same time.
The Time Toad isn't doing any damage, he will only try to escape you so he's no danger.
BUT you have to finish the fight in 30 turns to succeed, so don't lose your time!

11Take 1 Agent Da's Report to Agent Da at [3,-4].