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Level 180 

Nina Scharp [-84,-60] needs to perform some test to learn more about the Krobes. She has asked you to take samples of Kroboplasm from the macro-organisms that grows on the Salbatrocious Rock and in the Belly of the Whale.

01Take 5 Viring Kroboplasm to Nina ScharpViring Kroboplasm

01Take 5 Bacterrible Kroboplasm to Nina Scharp5 Bacterrible Kroboplasm

01Take 5 Bashillus Kroboplasm to Nina Scharp5 Bashillus Kroboplasm

01Take 5 Verminoculate Kroboplasm to Nina Scharp5 Verminoculate Kroboplasm

The droprate of the Kroboplasms is 100% while this quest is active.
You will receive 1 Experimental Solution as a quest object.

05Spray the solution on an Isolated Krobe

There are three (3) different experimental solutions. Depending on which one you get, you will have to go find an isolated krobe in a certain position. The isolated krobes are located at:
- Isolated Bacterrible at [-82,-59]
- Isolated Bashillus at [-84,-57]
- Isolated Virustine at [-83,-61]
Quest Acute Puncture Isolated krobes positions

06Go back and see Nina Scharp after having been krobified and try to communicate.


Acute Puncture Rewards
5 Bashillus Leg
5 Verminoculate Eye