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Level 180 
Access to Frigost 1 and Frigost 2.

Jangakkuq [-84,-57] needs your help to ease Kideebom's suffering.

Items required to finish this quest:

  • 1 Pyrute
  • 1 Obsidian
  • 1 Apewicubic Bearbarian Vomer
  • 1 Snowdrop
  • 1 Frosteez bread
  • 1 Aspen Wood
  • 1 Treecherous Bark

01Gather 3Toxic Refuse : Barrells of toxic puddles at [-84,-58][-83,-61] and a fish at [-83,-59]
Quest Whalebeing: Toxic Refuses positions

02 Return to Jangakkuq and give him the Toxic Refuse.

03Craft a pair of Sacred Knives and bring them to Otto K'Ton at[-61,-58].
To make the pair of sacred knives you will need a level 100 dagger smith and the resources in the required items list. The last part of the recipe will be supplied by the quest (1 Sacred Snowfoux Bones).
Recipe Sacred Knives
When the daggers are delivered, you'll receive 4 quest items: 1 Sacred Icefish, 1 Sacred Meat, 1 Sacred Fertilizer and 1 Sacred Honey.

04You'll have to summon the spirits using the quest items at each position below:
Quest Whalebeing : Spirits positions
Sacred Icefish to summon the Pingwin Spirit Summon the Pingwin Spirit at [-59,-57] and talk to him.
Sacred Meat to summon the Snowfoux Spirit Summon theSnowfoux Spirit at [-76,-78] and talk to him.
Sacred Fertilizer to summon the Sylvain Spirit Summon theSylvain Spirit at [-79,-68] and talk to him.
Sacred Honey to summon the Bearbarian Spirit Summon theBearbarian Spirit at [-71,-75] and talk to him.

05Give to Jangakkuq : 1 Sacred Knives at [-84,-57].

06Defeat 1 Protoz'orror in a fight.
This is the boss in the dungeon Belly of the Whale. To find him, go to [-85,-59], and enter the dungeon.
The boss will be waiting in the fifth (5th) room.
It's possible to enter this dungeon by using Bunch of Keys.
You can read about the dungeon and the monsters within here.

07Go see Kideebom Spirit and talk to him to learn more..

08Protoz'orror Protuber Bring to Jangakkuq : 1 Protoz'orror Protuber at [-84,-57]
You received this quest item by beating Protoz'orror. It's a 100% drop.


Quest Whalebeing Rewards
5 Protoz'orror Nucleus
5 Pathogerm Skin
1 Whale Salt