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Level 180
To finish Whaleville it's required to have access to Frigost 3 (beating Celestial Bearbarian is sufficient, you will NOT need to enter the Water Clock Tower during this quest).

 You offered to help Captain Pawl Ouatnos [-83,-58] clean up Salbatrocious Rock.

01 Clean Albatracious Rock:
You'll have to click on the 2 panels at [-83,-59], at [-84,-59] and one tube at [-83,-61]
Quest Whalebeing : Elements to click


02Go see Captain Pawl Ouatnos at [-83,-58].

03Go see Nina Scharp at [-83,-58]

04 Gather 1 Appy Plant from the Winter Gardens greenhouse at [-60,-75]
Gather 1 Herbuss from the Winter Gardens greenhouse at [-62,-73]
To continue from here you need access to Count Harebourg's Castle (Frigost 3)
To find the plants you need to pick up:Start at [-62,-73], go down the stairs, move left once, down two (2) floors and, finally, turn right.
You will now find yourself at one of the entrances of the greenhouse at Winter Gardens, always at [-62,-73] but a few floors below.
Enter the building. You will find Herbuss near the top of this room. Click on it to pick it up.
To find the second plant (Appy Plant): Exit the building the same way you came in. Move one right, go up one floor, make another right turn, you are now at the second entrance of the greenhouse at Winter Gardens.
Enter the building, turn left, you will find the Appy Plant in the bottom left corner of this room [-60,-75].

05Give to Herr Peece : 1 Appy Plant at [-80,-45].
Herr Peece will create a mixture. By drinking this mixture, a fight will start.
This fight will have to be done alone. You will need to fight a Pathogerm.
Don't despair, the quest will be updated no matter what the outcome of this fight will be.


Krobe Pathogerm

It will be required to use a summon to win this fight. Characters with few/no attacking summons who doesn't have access to dopples yet (cra, masqueraider, feca and many more) will have a hard time winning this fight.

06Give to Nina Sharp : 1 Herbuss at [-80,-45]
You will receive 1 Nina Scharp's Inoculator.

07 Take 1 Nina Scharp's Inoculator to Disney Loth : .
Disney Loth will be in the 4th room of the Belly of the Whale dungeon..
See our dungeon page for more details on how to get there and what the monsters do.

Pay attention! Talk to Disney Loth BEFORE starting the fight.

08Go see Pol Ouatnos at [-83,-58].
Tell him about what you've done to finish the quest.


Whalebeing Quest Rewards
5 Bacterrible Antenna
5 Viring Shell