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Gladis at [-22,-24] have a mission for you. The final battle against the Terminutor will not be fought in the future. It will be fought here, in our present..


Level 150
Enjoy Your Trip done.
The Entrance to Enurado done.


01 Find the Terminutor at [4,0].
Terminutor can be found in the Present day in Xelorium.

02 Defeat x1 Terminutor in a single fight at [4,0].
At average range he'll hit around 1500. He'll cast Altalavista [!] every 5 turns, boosting his resistances, mp and damages. When this spell is active he'll hit up to 2200. In this fight you can bring a team, and doing that will make this fight a lot easier. It's recommended to keep the Terminutor at range so he's not able to hit as his spells have medium range. If you're unable to keep him far away at all times, defensive/healing characters could be used instead.

03 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].
At the Xelorium Outpost.