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Always wanting to learn more about Altdemons, the Doc at [1,6] has sent you to take a little tour of the Museum. What a change from the taverns and other sordid places you normally frequent.


Level 150
Quest #10: Noon demons done


01Talk to Museum Guardian at [3,1].
 From outside the outpost, use the "Future" clock to go to the Present. Then move two maps to the right.
Read the Compendium in the Museum.
When you click on the book you'll be attacked by a group of Altdemons.

02 Talk to Doc Ettern Bworn at [1,6].

03 Find the place mentioned in the Compendium at [3,6].
Go behind the waterfall below.

04 Examine the temporal rip.

05 Talk to Timid Twentoo.
Talk to the NPC to start the fight.

06 Talk to Doc Ettern Bworn at [1,6].