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Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] needs your help. Besides the Guardians of Xelorium, only one person can repair the temporal rip which has allowed Altdemons to invade the private domain of the Great Timekeeper: Henual, the Overseer of Time. You just have to convince him to help.


Level 150.
Quest #11: The Origins of Evil done.


01 Find the Overseer of Time.
Start by going to Amakna at [2,1].
Enter the building then click on mobile to open a passage.
Click on mobile
You will need 6 more characters for getting to Henual.

02 Talk to Henual.

03Take 1 Dimensional Fabric to Henual.
You can purchase one from Kyper the Collector at the Hall of Voyagers at the Dimensional Voyagers' Tower at [-22,-24]
You can purchase 1 Dimensional Fabric from Kyper the Collector

04Recover Ephemulberry Leaves.
You can collect the leaves at [3,1] by clicking the bush indicated below.

05Take 4 Silk of Time Thread to Henual.
You'll find the Silkworms of Time inside Xelorium, on these maps: [1,1], [2,2], [3,1] and [4,1].
A fight can start at random.
Henual followed you in Xelorium and is waiting for you at [3,6] in the secret room behind the waterfall.

06Fight the Altdemons wave.
The fight is in 3 waves :
Wave 1 :
- Curious Sethen
Wave 2 :
- Curious Sethen
- Invasive Thriten
Wave 3 :
- Invasive Thriten
- Nosy Thirtree

07 Talk to [!]Karandeux.

08 Talk to Henual.

09 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].