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Corporal Tart at [1,6] needs your help. You must assure that Agent Valerian doesn't have trouble with Altdemons.


Level 150.
Quest #04: Temporal Anomalies done.


01Talk to Agent Valerian at [2,0].

  • Express your concern over Agent Doredeen's absence.

02Defend Agent Valerian and then speak to him again.
You'll need some help for this fight.

03Find Agent Doredeen in the Present Day.
This NPC is changing place depending of the hours:
Between midnight and and 5h59 at [4,-1].
Between 6h00 and 11h59: at [5,0].
Between 12h00 and 17h59 : at [6,1].
Between 18h00 and 23h59 : at [0,3].
However, once you've found her she'll not change her location anymore.

  • Talk about the strange items which Valerian referred to.
  • Ask how to do that.

04Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
Ask him for a Toolbox.
Doc's Toolbox

  • Ask for a toolbox.
  • Specify that Agent Doredeen needs it for the progression of science.

05Bring 7 different damaged technomagic pieces to Agent Doredeen.
You'll find a piece fighting each kind of the Altdemons (dungeon one not included).
You'll find the 3 other pieces at the following positions:
[4,2]: Click on the buried hourglass.
[6,-1]: Click on the buried cog.
[3,0]: Click on the buried cog.

06 Take 1 Doc's Toolbox to Agent Doredeen.
Agent Doredeen will be at the same place where you met her the first time.

07 Talk to Agent Doredeen.

08 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].