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Enamoured Thriten at [4,1] is asking some help. You've taken on the challenge of making an Altdemon romantic.


Level 150


01 Think about how to educate an amorous Altdemon.
For this step you only need to speak to the same NPC once again.

02 Talk to Hibuspokus at [1,6].

  • Talk about the Altdemon's education.
  • Ask what the teaching consists of.
  • Listen to the rest.

03Talk to Agent Pascal at [1,6].

  • Ask what's necessary according to the Altdemon.

04Talk to Rachelle Kiki at [1,6].

  • Ask for any piece of meat.

05Take 1 Hunk of Choice Meat to Enamoured Thriten at [4,1].

  • Show the book's illustrations, shake the piece of meat, and explain the difference between the two.
  • Evaluate their behaviour and approach.
  • Give new instructions.
  • Offer to fix his problems and ask him to prepare a bouquet of flowers to give.

06 Take 1 Agent Pascal's Book to Agent Pascal at [1,6].

  • Give back the book.

07 Talk to Rita Foulmetal at [1,6].

  • Beg her to take charge of getting a motivated Altdemon back into shape.

08 Talk to Lieutenant Braylle at [1,6].

  • Ask how to clean an Altdemon up.

09Take 1 Cleaning Crate to Enamoured Thriten at [4,1].
Cleaning Crate

  • Hand over the cleaning kit and explain how to use it.
  • Explain that women generally prefer pretty flowers with delicate scents rather than psychotropic herbs that smell like kitchen scraps.
  • Leave to look for Xelorium flowers.

10Collect exotic flowers in the Gonebyways.
The flowers are at [3,5].
Collect exotic flowers in the Gonebyways

11Collect exotic flowers in the Uncertain Future.
The flowers are at [6,-4].
Collect exotic flowers in the Uncertain Future

12Take 1 Flower of the Past to Enamoured Thriten at [4,1].
Flower of the Past

13 Take 1 Flower of the Future to Enamoured Thriten at [4,1].
Flower of the Future

  • Show the bouquet of flowers.
  • Give a few more tips and offer to write a dinner invitation.
  • Accept.

14Take 1 Enamoured Thriten Love Letter to Agent Da at [3,-4].
Enamoured Thriten Love Letter

15 Take 1 Enamoured Thriten Bouquet to Agent Da at [3,-4].
Enamoured Thriten Bouquet

  • Present the bouquet with the ticket slipped inside.

16 Talk to Rachelle Kiki at [1,6].

  • Ask if it's possible to prepare a repast worthy of the name.

17 Talk to Enamoured Thriten at [4,1].

  • Ask why they're two.
  • Use the odours and layers of dirt to tell which is not the original and give him a hiding.

18Defeat 1 Duplicated Enamoured Thriten in a single fight.
Duplicated Enamoured Thriten
The are standing in the building at [3,5].
You will have to do this fight alone.

19 Talk to Enamoured Thriten at [4,1] to end the quest.

  • Announce the victory and give some last-minute advice.
  • Advise not asking too many questions and say good luck.