Fights hard and dies with pride (... mainly dying) ...since April 2008

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Elvis Irr at [1,6] needs your help. Caught in a temporal warp, you need to fine a way out.


Level 150.
Quest #16: Edge of Tomorrow done.


01 Interrogate the warehouse guards.
Talk to Security Agent on far inside the Outpost.

02Interrogate the agents in the surrounding areas.
Talk to Agent Pascal standing there.

03 Continue to interrogate the agents in the surrounding areas.
Talk to Rachelle Kiki. You'll find her in the outpost's kitchens.

04 Go to the kitchens.

05 Chase the silhouette.
Go outside the outpost.

06 Look for signs of the silhouettes passage to pick up the trail again.
Click on the buried stele at [3,6].

07 Start tracking again.
Move to [3,7] and talk to Avant-Garde Sethen.

08Talk to Rita Foulmetal at [1,6].

09 Track the silhouette at [3,7].
You'll have to fight the Altdemons avant-garde. Talk then to Rita Foulmetal.
You have to finish this fight without the help of other characters. Rita will be there to help against these 4 Altdemons.
Be careful, she seems to be feeling suicidal. However, fortunately for you, she's Brigitte's cousin and hits hard for a level 174 iop.

10 Start tracking again.
Move to [4,7] and talk to Avant-Garde Thirtee.

11Talk to Rita Foulmetal at [1,6].

12 Talk to Lieutenant Braylle at [1,6].

13 Track the silhouette at [3,7]
Fight the Altdemons avant-garde.
It's again the same solo fight with Rita on your side.
Talk to Rita Foulmetal.

14 Start tracking again.
Move to [4,7] and talk to Avant-Garde Thirtee.

15Talk to Rita Foulmetal at [1,6].

16 Talk to Elvis Irr at [1,6].