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Colonel O'Whel at the Dimensional Voyager's Tower in [-22,-24] fears that the generator installed at the top of the Voyagers' Tower is on its last legs. Help Major Quelyn find a solution so that the adventurers of the World of Twelve can continue to explore the divine dimensions in happiness and good humour.


  • Access to Xelorium Dimension
  • Three (first) exploration quests from Enurado and Srambad done.
  • Level 100

Dialogue to start the quest

  • Learn more about the arrival of the Voyagers in Xelorium.
  • Listen to the rest.
  • Continue to listen.
  • Offer help.
  • Say goodbye and go back to the generator room.


01Talk to Gizmond Quelyn at [-22,-24].
He's standing in the Generator Room of the Dimensional Voyager's Tower - Cania Plains - [Rocky Road]

  • Listen to the rest.
  • Respond that you don't know that person.
  • Leave for the Xelor temple.

02Talk to Amine at the Temple of Xelor at [3,1] - Amakna - [The Village].

  • Ask to meet the Master of Zaaps.

03Talk to Master of Zaaps at [-46,18] - Otomai Island - [The Coastal Village].
Answering will automaticaly start a fight against 2 Cumbersome Coralators, each with 5.500 hp.
Other chars can join the fight. They will automaticaly validate this step of the quest without talking to the Master of Zaaps.
Cumbersome Corolator
When your fight is done, you'll talk to the Master of Zaaps again.

  • Make the Coralators run away.
  • Thank her for her help.
  • Watch the master take the Zaap and disappear.

04Find the master near the Rocky Road Zaap at [-20,-20] - Cania Plains - [Rocky Road].
Master follower

  • Bring the master to the generator room.

05Introduce the Master of Zaaps to Major Quelyn at [-22,-24] - Cania Plains - [Rocky Road].
You'll find him in the Generator Room of the Dimensional Voyager's Tower.
You'll receive 1 Flask of Lubricant.
Flask of Lubricant

  • Ask what the result of the interview with the Master of Zaaps was.
  • Head to Doctor B'boing's lab.

06Take 1 Flask of Lubricant to Doctor B'boing.
He's in the same Dimensional Voyager's Tower, you'll have to change room (map) and enter the Labratory.

  • Hand over the flask.
  • Learn more about the disappearance.
  • Give the doctor a handkerchief.
  • Say goodbye and go back to see the Major.

07Talk to Gizmond Quelyn again in the Generator Room.

  • Ask what the result of the interview with the Master of Zaaps was.
  • Listen to the rest.
  • Share the enthusiasm.
  • Say goodbye and head toward the portal locating console.

08Start the hunt for a portal to the Xelorium dimension.
You'll not leave the Dimensional Voyager's Tower but you will have to move to another room to start the hunt.
To start the hunt, just click on the console on the top left.

09Find the map: Xelorium outpost.
You need enter the Xelorium Dimension. After you're inside, go down to [1,6] and enter the building. This is the Xelorium outpost.

The quest is now done. You can continue talking to the Master of Zaaps  there and start the Quest #02: Renewable Energy