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Gondawa - Quest #02: Renewable Energy

Fights hard and dies with pride (... mainly dying) ...since April 2008

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The Master of Zaaps has charged you with recovering unstable orichor. Which is great, because you love handling dangerous substances, as evidenced by the booger residue on your fingertips.


Quest #01: Zaap Master done


01 Talk to Vertime the Collector at [1,6].
You'll receive 1 Selective Orichometer.
Selective Orichometer

  • Say that you need unstable orichor.
  • Take the orichometre.
  • Activate the orichometre and leave.

02 Find the spot indicated by the orichometre at [6,6].

03 Open the chest at [6,6]. You must have 23 Xelorium minutes to open it.
If you didn't collect the required minutes yet, go back to right to [1,6] and move again to the right.
 At [2,6], you'll find 2 positives clocks, one adding 7 minutes and the other one of 2 minutes. To add the 23 minutes needed to your inventory, click 3 times on the +7 clock and one time to the +2 clock.
Move back to the chest and click it to open it.

04 Take the unstable orichor in the chest at [6,6].
Be careful, attempting to take the orichor will start a fight. The fight will consist of 3 waves of Xelomorphs. You can't use more than one character here, not even a multiman is allowed. The Xelomorphs are buffed versions of their normal counterparts if you're higher than their normal level yourself. Which means, the mob's level will adapt to yours. If you're 200 the monsters will be 200 as well.
After this fight, a new fight will start automaticaly. This time, a Krosmoglob will help you to kill 4 mobs of this area. However, this group has the fat one who can insta-kill in it, and the Krosmoglob isn't very smart. Unless you manage to keep it away from it, it will die within a few turns.

05 Talk to Belle Adrenne's Krosmoglob at [6,6].

  • Thank her.
  • Learn more about her mission.
  • Ask them to say hello to Zap for you, then leave.

06 Show 1 Unstable Orichor to Master of Zaaps at [1,6]
Unstable Orichor

  • Show the unstable orichor.
  • Escort the master to the temple of time.

07 Escort the Master of Zaaps to the Temple of Time at [4,2].
 To reach [4,2] from [1,6]: Start outside the temple and use the blue clock to go to the present. From here, you go two maps right, one map down and one map right.

08 Help the master create the battery at [4,2].

  • Respond that you're waiting for instructions.
  • Deposit orichor without hesitating.
  • Note that the box is turning red.
  • Take a few steps back.
  • Protect your eyes from the blinding gleam of the box.

09 Talk to Master of Zaaps at [4,2].

  • Note that the master seems frozen in time.

10 Look for help at the Xelorium outpost at [1,6].
Return to the outpost. There you'll need to talk to Doc Ettem Bworn to finish the quest and start the next one.