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The creation of an eternal battery hasn't gone as planned: the Master of Zaaps seems frozen in time. Doc Ettem Bworn [1,6] says he can tear the Xelor from his current state...


Quest #02: Renewable Energy finished.

01Use the electrobolt on the Master of Zaaps at [4,2].
Equip the electrobolt and talk to the Master.

  • Point the electrobolt in their direction.
  • Use the electrobolt.

02 Contact Doc Ettem Bworn through this Krosmoglob.

  • Wait a few moments.
  • Say the Electrobolt doesn't seem to have worked correctly.
  • Talk louder and sum up what happened.
  • Respond that you'd prefer viable solutions.
  • Ask if he couldn't give it to you via Krosmoglob.
  • Respond that you've already crossed the World of Twelve several times after so much running.
  • Notice a shape forming in the Krosmoglob after hearing a crackling noise.
  • Take the chromomagic hammer.

03 Dissipate the doubles with a hammer blow.
Equip the Chronomagic Hammer and talk to the Masters.
Chronomagic Hammer
To continue you need to "hammer" the Master-copies in a particular order.
Start hitting the Master with the full hourglass and move on down until the one with the empty hourglass.
A mistake in the order will make you starting again from the beginning of this step. This is not a big thing, but being careful will save you... 10-20 seconds.

  • Deliver a nice hammer blow to the head.

04 Hit the Master of Zaaps on the head.
When you talk to the last Master, a fight will start.
The level of the Master will adapt to yours.

  • Note that the master is wearing a full hourglass on his belt.
  • Note that the master is wearing a three-quarters-full hourglass on his belt.
  • Note that the master is wearing a half-full hourglass on his belt.
  • Note that the master is wearing a quarters-full hourglass on his belt.
  • Note that the master is wearing a nearly empty hourglass on his belt.

05 Talk to Master of Zaaps

  • Sum up the events without mentioning the hammer blows.
  • Admit feeling a certain relief.
  • Promise total discretion.
  • Thank her and leave.

06 Take 1 Eternal Battery to Gizmond Quelyn.
Eternal Battery
You'll have to leave the dimension to finish this quest.
You'll find him in the Generator Room of the Dimensional Voyager's Tower at [-22,-24].

  • Give the eternal battery.
  • Say goodbye and leave.