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Lieutenant Braylle at [1,6] asks your help. You're investigating the explosion that nearly razed the Voyagers' outpost.


Level 180.
Quest #14: Spatiotemporal Faults done.


01Take 1 [!] Traces of explosives to Doc Ettern Bworn.

02 Talk to Corporal Tart.

03 Interrogate the agents around the warehouse.
Talk to Security Agent.

04 Continue to interrogate the agents.
Talk to Agent Pascal.

05 Interrogate other agents.
Talk to Agent Daniels.

06 Talk to Rachelle Kiki in the Kitchens' outpost.

07 Take 1 Khronobourg to Agent Daniels.

08Direct Agent Daniels to Doc Ettem Bworn.

09 Talk to Agent Daniels.

10Keep the Fugitives from kidnapping Doc Ettem Bworn. Talk to Vindictive Fugitive to start the fight.
You'll (most likely) need help against these 8 mobs as they are at a very high level.

11 Talk to Fugitive Prisoner.

12 Talk to Agent Daniels.

13 Talk to Corporal Tart.