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Hibuspokus at [1,6] is giving you this new mission. You must investigate the attack of a group of Archiduks.


Quest #24: Futures Past done.


01 Talk to Archiduk Nukem.

02 Investigate the site of the attack at [4,1].
Talk to [!]Seith Daise.

03 Talk to Agent Doredeen.

04 Talk to Agent Daniels.

05 Talk to [!]Seith Daise.

06 Find the map Altdemon attacker's lair at [0,0].

07 Talk to Thirtree Atosix at [0,0].

08 Talk to Agent Daniels.

09 Talk to Thirtree Atosix.

10Escort Clairvoyant Twentoo in the Uncertain Future at [3,-4].

11 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

12Escort Clairvoyant Twentoo in the Uncertain Future at [5,-5].

13 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

14Defend Clairvoyant Twentoo from a pair of Fugitives.
Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo after the fight.

15Escort Clairvoyant Twentoo to the Voyagers' Outpost.

16 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

17Accompany Clairvoyant Twentoo to Hibuspokus.

18 Talk to Clairvoyant Twentoo.

19Accompany Clairvoyant Twentoo to Thirtree Atosix.

20 Talk to Thirtree Atosix at [0,0].