Fights hard and dies with pride (... mainly dying) ...since April 2008

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You've accepted to help Florin at [4,-6] fled his friend Hael.


Level 180.


01 Look for signs of Hael's passage.
Depending on the hour, the signs will be at different positions:
Between midnight and 07:59: [2,-5]
Between 08:00 and 15:59: [5,-5]
Between 16:00 and 00:00: [5,-4]

02 Look for signs of Hael's passage.
Talk to the Injured Fugitive at [1,-5].

  • Talk more about the Chafers.
  • Ask if he's been someone matching Hael's description.

03 Talk to Florin.

  • Talk about the altercation with the Chafers.

04 Look for signs of Hael's passage.
Click on the plant at [2,-5].
Signs of Hael's passage

05Take 1 Strange Figurine to Florin.
Strange figurine

  • Show the figurine.

06Find the map: Present at [2,2].

07Defeat 8 Zombified Chafer in a single fight.
Speak with one of chafers to start the fight.
You can bring other chars to help you with this fight.
Map Fight

  • Attack the zombified Chafers.

08 Talk to Hael.

  • Ask where he was.

09 Talk to Florin.

  • Ask about the return to their time.

10 Talk to Time Brigadier.

  • Don't try to be more clever.
  • Deny it.
  • Deny it.
  • Deny it.
  • Protest the injustice.

11 Talk to Pret Fnut.

  • Demand an explanation.
  • Force a laugh.