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You've accepted to help Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] to bring back the Voyagers lost in time


Level 100
Quest #05: Its Your Destiny done.


01 Talk to Doctor Hoo at [20,25]. He's standing in the Sufokia Library.
Take the Sufokia zaap and choose the Temple Way Quay zaapi will be the faster way to arrive.

  • Explain Doc Ettem Bworn's request.

02 Talk to Gizmond Quelyn at [-22,-24].
He's in the Dimensional Voyager's Tower.

  • Ask for the spare parts Doc Ettem Bworn ordered.

03 Take 1 Bag of Spare Parts to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
You'll have to go back to the Xelorium dimension for this step.

  • Hand over the bag of spare parts.

04 Take 10 Fragment of a Xelomorph's Memory to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].
The drop is 100% on the mobs from Gonebyways area.
Fragment of a Xelomorph's Memory

05 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] to finish this quest.

  • Hand over the memory fragments.