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A new mission of Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6]. Be careful not to lose your disguise if you want to stay in Doctor Lebb's good graces. Worse come to worst, Vertime the Collector can always sell you another eidolonic veil in exchange for orichor..


Level 180.
Quest #13: Life, the Outer World, and the Rest done.


01 Get beat up by a Fugitive to go and see Dr. Lebb.
Move to [4,-3] and use the Eidolonic Veil given to you by Doc Ettem Bworn.
Talk to the guard and pretend you were sent by Vortex.

02 Talk to Doctor William Lebb.

03Bring 5 Tomorroots to Doctor Lebb.
You'll find the tomorroots on this maps: [5,-5], [5,-4], [2,-5], [1,-4], [1,-3]
The tomorroots harvested, bring them to Doctor Lebb.

04 Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn.