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After harvesting the roots, you've been engaged for a mission by Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] a bit more physical: a dangerous Fugitive is running rampant south of the Uncertain Future. Show him that the Voyagers aren't the kind to just stand around.


Level 180.
Quest #18: Just an Illusion done.


01Defeat 1 Enraged Fugitive in a single fight at [3,-3].
You can bring a team to this fight.

02Take 1 Empty Crystal Flask to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6].

03Disguise yourself as a Hystairkal and go back to see Doctor Lebb at [4,-3].
Use the Hystairkal Eidolonic Veil from your inventory.
You'll have to pick the correct answers to continue the quest.
These answers are:

  • Respond that Ickyrus possessed uncommon vitality
  • Add that he had a particularly hypnotic look..

04Take 1 Full Crystal Flask to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6]

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