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Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] will give you this new quest. The Fugitives are going to launch a suicide attack against the Voyager Outpost. If there's one person crazy, errr... competent enough to put them away, it's you!


Level 150.
Quest #19: Crystal Nutball done.


01 Talk to Corporal Tart.

02 Talk to Agent Coal at [7,-7].
This is in the Future, on the map of the dungeon.

03 Neutralize the Apathetic Fugitive at [6,-4]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight by choosing the right answers:

  • Ask what's wrong.
  • Offer to wake him up just before the attack.
  • Say that you often team up with a Sadida.

04 Neutralize the Maniacal Fugitive at [1,-3].
Mandatory fight.

05 Neutralize the Dofusophobic Fugitive at [0,-5]Optional fight.
Equip a Dofus and you'll be able to avoid the fight choising the right answers:

  • Wave a Dofus under his nose.

06 Neutralize the Suicidal Fugitive at [4,-4]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight choising the right answers:

  • Say that life is worth living.
  • Respond that he could also contemplate the beauty of the world around him.

07 Neutralize the Anxious Fugitive at [2,-5]. Optional fight.
See next step for how to avoid this fight

08 Neutralize the Paranoid Fugitive at [2,-5]. Optional fight.
Talk to Paranoid Fugitive and choose properly your answers to avoid the fights with Anxious Fugitive and Paranoid Fugitive.

  • Deny it fiercely.
  • Say that you've come on behalf of Vortex.

09 Neutralize the Claustrophobic Fugitive at [4,-6]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight choising the right answers:

  • Remark that the Outpost is a closed place.
  • Say that the cavern's walls don't let any light through at all.

10 Neutralize the Xelomorphobic Fugitive at [5,-5]Optional fight.
Equip a Blokus pet or a Elfacet Illusion (Elfacet Eidolonic Veil is available at [1,6], Vertime the Collector can sell you eidolonic veil in exchange for 1 orichor) and choose properly the answers to avoid the fight:

  • Shake your pixels to make him run away (if you're looking like an Elfacet). (or)
  • Say that a Xelomorph is following you (if you have a Blokus equiped).

11 Neutralize the Hypochondriac Fugitive at [3,-3]Optional fight.
You can avoid the fight if you're talking to the npc with one of the following sickness: Nausea, Yellowish Bite, Gambler's Fever, Greedoburg Fever, McSheth,
Mixomawose, Maloria, Rabies, The Sarapox, The Lurgi or  [!]filtoungastro.

  • Come closer.

12 Neutralize the Psycophath Fugitive at [0,-2].
Mandatory fight

13 Neutralize the Arachnophobic Fugitive at [2, -4]Optional fight.
You must equip a Tarzantula pet, a Hairy Arachelmet / Arachelmet or do it with the Quest #05: It's Your Destiny and choose the correct answers to avoid the fight:

  • Tell him that there's an invisible Paxtim just behind him (quest). or
  • Say that an Araknee is following you (Hairy Arachelmet). or
  • Adjust the arachelmet on your head (Arachelmet).

14 Neutralize the Erotomaniac Fugitive at [3,-5].
Mandatory fight.

15 Talk to Corporal Tart at [1,6].