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Talk to Kinsharamyn at [1,6] to start this quest. The Fugitives are preparing to eliminate the Dimensional Voyagers and you must stop them.


Level 180.
Quest #17: All You Need Is Kill done.


01 Talk to Farah Minuz.

02 Infiltrate a Fugitive building at [4,-4].
Talk to Crushmore Guard.

03 Find a way to get rid of the guards.
Talk to Farah Minuz.

04 Find the map: Dagger of Time room.
Click on the door behind the guards to enter.

05Find the Dagger of Time.
Click on the lightening stone in the center of the room.

06 Talk to Crushmore Guard.

07 Talk to Kinsharamyn at [1,6].

08 Talk to Elvis Irr at [1,6].

09 Shake the Voyagers.
Leave the outpost.

10Find a hideout at [3,6].
Click on the stone below.

11 Wait for the end of the confrontation.
Talk to Voyaging Tracker, then to Hystairkal Chief.

12 Find the map: Museum Entrance at [3,1].

13 Find the map: Future Entrance at [3,-4].

14 Find the map: Eye of Vortex Entrance at [7,-7].

15 Find the map: Eye of Vortex - Exit.
You will have to finish the dungeon for this step.

16 Listen to the Fugitives' report.
Talk to Vortex, and then to Hystairkal Chief.

17 Talk to Elvis Irr.
Talk to Vortex, and then to Hystairkal Chief.

18 Defeat 1 Elvis Irr in a single fight.

19 Talk to Elvis Irr.

20 Talk to Kinsharamyn at [1,6].