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Access to the Xelorium dungeons

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To access the dungeons in Xelorium you have to get to the positions where the NPC who grants access to the dungeons are. This map will show you the way to the dungeons from the starting position when you first enter Xelorium. If you need help navigating the Xelorium, please visit this article.

The dungeons are, from lowest to highest in difficulty (and on the picture):

To access these dungeons, bunch of keys isn't enough. Therefore, you need to craft keys. The recipies for each key to each dungeon are these:

Fraktal's Megalith

XLII's Metronomicon

Eye of Vortex

If you want to know more about the dungeons before heading out there, please visit our articles on each dungeon (links to these are just under the map in this article, just click the name of the dungeon you want to know more about).

Navigate in the Xelorium dimension

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Navigating in the Xelorium is rather easy. The dimension is much smaller than Srambad. To navigate between the times Gonebyways (past), Present Day and Uncertain Future, you need two clocks. There is one clock moving you forward in time, Watch Running Fast (Gonebyways -> Present day -> Uncertain Future), and one moving you backwards in time, Watch Running Slow (Uncertain Future -> Present day -> Gonebyways).
These watches does not get destroyed when used, and can be traded between characters if you so desire. They can be used from anywhere in Xelorium, not just any particular map.
Please note that it's not possible to use the clocks from all positions on every map. Some positions might have obstables (holes, trees and so on) on the map you're trying to reach. If you can't use your clock, check if it's possible from other parts of the map before giving up. You will receive a message in the information channel if a jump is impossible.

These watches can be crafted. The recipes can be found below. Since watches aren't made by any regular profession, you're in luck: You don't even have to leave Xelorium to craft them. To find the special bench used for crafting them, go to the Xelorium Outpost at [1,6]. When you're there, enter the building, take the left door, then choose the door on the far left. Inside this room you will find a bench used to craft these watches.

Watch Running Fast

This clock allows you to move forwards in time.
It's crafted from materials dropped by Xelomorphes, monsters from the Gonebyways area (the first area you'll arrive in when entering Xelorium).
Brikablak and  Smashlete
Note that Quest #5: It's your destiny gives you a reward of 5 Brikablak Pixels.
Watch Running Fast Recipe

Watch Running Slow

This clock allows you to move backwards in time.
It's crafted from materials dropped by Xelomorphes, the mobs from the Gonebyways area.
 Chunko and  Elfacet
Watch Running Slow Recipe